Rainbow Lake Lead:  Marty Williamson

Rainbow Lake Lead: Marty Williamson

We are in the early phases of development on this, so we need to hear from YOU!

This summer we wanted to focus on just starting to get people out together to go on adventures, so we want to cultivate these courses and personalize them to what YOU want and need to learn to feel confident, successful, and safe in going outdoors. What would you like to learn?

This summer, if you are in your beginning stages will would love to connect with you and help teach you the basics if you would like to go on adventures this summer, but don’t yet feel equipped to do so.

Leader:  Alan Felts

Leader: Alan Felts

What experience level are you at? What are certain adventures you’re interested in participating in? (You can find a complete list of planned Adventures for this coming summer 2019 by Clicking Here) What is your frequency of attending a hands on course?

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How experienced and prepared are you for car/tent camping and adventuring?