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Sunday Morning Gathering

Our service begins at 9:30am.  Feel free to come early, we have a full coffee bar, and usually have some pastries or other snack type food for your enjoyment before our gathering time starts.  During the gathering we'll sing some songs - usually modern/contemporary in style.  We'll take a 5-10 minutes in the middle to meet and greet, during which we greet one another, meet new faces, hear how each other's weeks have been, find out what the LORD is doing in each other's lives, and just enjoy a time of community.  Afterwards we'll come back together for a time of "blessings."  The word "Blessing" simply means "glad" or "happy," so we take some time to tell and express how the LORD has made us "blessed" this week, or how our brothers and/or sisters have made us "blessed" this week.  We take time to encourage one another, build one another up, offer up prayers or needs, and we'll usually pray over one another as we have need either because of need or just simply because the LORD has put that person on our hearts to pray for.  Our service is concluded with a teaching from the Bible giving historical context, preaching from the Bible and what it is telling us (verses having a point and then going back to the Bible to try and "proof-text" to prove our point), and equipping the saints (those present) for the work of ministry.

What do I do with my Kids?

We have volunteers who come and spend time in our nursery and child care area downstairs so that you can come and be present during our gathering time.  We typically welcome the children to join us during the first part of our gathering, and then at our meet and greet time, we dismiss the kids to go downstairs with our volunteers.

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Home Group Gatherings

When we think about a typical American church, we think of a service on a Sunday morning and programs, maybe a home/community/small/etc group ministry, but when we look at the biblical picture of "the Church," we see very little of what constitutes a modern day church.  What we observe in the biblical narrative and early Church history is a community of saints who knew their identity in Christ, walked by the Spirit, and loved one another.

When we realize our God given identity as the Church, that the Church is not a building, but that we - God's saints (God's holy ones) - have been forgiven of our sins and cleansed from all unrighteousness, we are are filled with the Spirit of the living God, so that we can love one another, live by faith, and manifest the presence of Christ.

We express God’s presence by participating together in worship, prayer, teaching, blessing, discipleship, encouragement, sharing/providing, healing, and edifying one another; building up the body.

Acts 2 & 4, Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12-14, Ephesians 4



Felts Home Group
Tuesday Nights, 6:00p
93 W. Missoula Ave.
Belgrade, MT 59714
*Dinner and Fellowship
*Kid Friendly (babysitters provided)
Email: pastor@belgradechurch.com

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