Belgrade Community Church’s roots date back to 1904 when the Presbyterian Church was organized in the old Methodist South Church. In 1911 the present church building was completed and dedicated. Since that time services have been held without interruption.

Another branch of the church’s roots came from the Belgrade Baptist Church which was organized in 1909 and built in 1911on the north side of town. These roots joined in 1931 when the Presbyterian and Baptist churches were federated. Each church kept its denominational identity, met in one building in one service, and under the leadership of one minister. A Presbyterian minister served first. When it came time to hire the next minister, a Baptist minister was called. The leadership thus alternated between the two denominations. The Baptist church was sold and torn down.

In 1991 it became evident to the congregation that the federation was becoming a burden to the serving ministers. The job of maintaining two denominations included administration duties of both. Negotiations were begun to end the administrative association with the Presbyterian Church who owned the building. In 1992 the congregation paid the Presbytery $22,000 for their share of the building, and became the Belgrade Community Church affiliated with the American Baptist Church for missions and pastors, and has maintained the affiliation to present day.