119 S. Broadway Belgrade, MT 59714

Service Time

Sunday Morning 9:30am


We have a parking lot in the back. Pull in through the drive way, and if you need handicap parking, are elderly, or need assistance please park in the lot on the side of the building next to the main entrance.  For all others, you can pull through, or enter the parking via entrances on W. Missoula St. or Weaver St into the main parking lot.



Visiting a church gathering for the first time, whether you've gone to church before or not, can feel uneasy or intimidating.  Here's what you can expect about your first experience with us.

Our Gathering

Our service begins at 9:30am.  Feel free to come early, we have a full coffee bar, and usually have some pastries or other snack type food for your enjoyment before our gathering time starts.  During the gathering we'll sing some songs - usually modern/contemporary in style.  We'll take a 5-10 minutes in the middle to meet and greet, during which we greet one another, meet new faces, hear how each other's weeks have been, find out what the LORD is doing in each other's lives, and just enjoy a time of community.  Afterwards we'll come back together for a time of "blessings."  The word "Blessing" simply means "glad" or "happy," so we take some time to tell and express how the LORD has made us "blessed" this week, or how our brothers and/or sisters have made us "blessed" this week.  We take time to encourage one another, build one another up, offer up prayers or needs, and we'll usually pray over one another as we have need either because of need or just simply because the LORD has put that person on our hearts to pray for.  Our service is concluded with a teaching from the Bible giving historical context, preaching from the Bible and what it is telling us (verses having a point and then going back to the Bible to try and "proof-text" to prove our point), and equipping the saints (those present) for the work of ministry.

Dress Comfortably

We don't say "casual" or give any such definitions of what that means.  Jesus wore the common clothing of His day; so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you.

Skeptics Welcome

Belgrade Community Church is a safe place to come for people who are unsure about God, Jesus, the Bible, the assertions of the Church, or for those who have had a bad experience with "church" and/or those in leadership in churches.  We understand people are coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with God and the Church, but you are welcomed and loved here.  Please ask questions and be honest with your struggles or apprehensions.  

Become Known

We are starting up a network of house churches in Belgrade that are not officially under the organizational structure of BCC, but are living and breathing expressions of Christ through His people.  These are a great way to build friendships together, but if you would prefer to simply come and listen until you feel comfortable - we welcome you! Contact us to get more info on how to join!


What do I do with my Kids?

We have volunteers who come and spend time in our nursery and child care area downstairs so that you can come and be present during our gathering time.  We typically welcome the children to join us during the first part of our gathering, and then at our meet and greet time, we dismiss the kids to go downstairs with our volunteers.


All of our Children's Ministry volunteers have passed background checks and are supported by members who help keep our gathering times safe and secure.